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KAMY is the worldwide leader in manufacturing hydraulic cutters, road headers, tunnel support systems, and other specialized machinery used in the tunneling, mining, and construction industries. Through KAMY’s years of experience and innovative thinking, we can provide custom engineered solutions for nearly any project requiring rock excavation or concrete demolition.

KAMY is the leading manufacturer of roadheaders in the weight class of 13-80 tons weight. Our roadheaders offer interchangeable cutter heads, both transverse and axial and are custom engraved for each project. Our hydraulic cutters are suitable for material with uniaxial compressive strength ranging from 500 to 25,000 pounds per square inch. All of our products can be utilized in a variety of applications from rock excavation, trenching, demolition and concrete, to underwater cutting, tunneling, and scaling.

Scanning tunneling spectroscopy - Wikipedia

Scanning tunneling spectroscopy (STS) is an experimental technique which uses a scanning tunneling microscope (STM) to probe the local density of electronic states ...

Scanning tunneling microscope - Wikipedia

The development of the field of spectroscopic measurement with the scanning tunneling microscope (STM) is discussed. A historical review of early experimental results in this field is presented, with emphasis on …

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This chapter discusses various aspects of scanning tunneling spectroscopy (STS). It is an extension of the classical tunneling spectroscopy experiment to nanometer-scale or atomic-scale features on the sample surface.

Scanning Tunneling Spectroscopy - Oxford Scholarship

1 1 Surface Tunneling Microscopy and Spectroscopy 1. Scanning Tunneling Microscopy (STM) - tunneling current - instrumentation, imaging modes

Surface Tunneling Microscopy and Spectroscopy

Scanning Tunneling Microscopy. ... Spectroscopy; Microscopy; Amyloid beta; Microscopy Techniques; ... Scanning force microscopy (SFM, ...

Scanning Tunneling Microscopy -

Title: Scanning tunneling spectroscopy (STS) Author: ZhuangWu Last modified by: patent Created Date: 9/26/2005 9:25:37 AM Document presentation format

Scanning tunneling spectroscopy (STS) - EECS

The scanning tunneling microscope (STM) has revolutionized our ability to explore and manipulate atomic-scale solid surfaces. In addition to its unparalleled spatial power, the STM can study dynamical processes, such as molecular conformational changes, by recording current traces as a function of time.

Scanning Tunneling Spectroscopy of Graphene …

Investigation of nanoscale phenomena often requires experimental approaches extending far beyond conventional techniques, such as highly advanced ultrahigh-vacuum scanning-probe microscopies, including scanning tunneling microscopy, tunneling spectroscopy, and atomic and molecular manipulation.

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